Marilyn Monroe: My revered inspiration

“It’s better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you’re not”- Marilyn Monroe (June 1st, 1926-August 5th, 1962)4

Warm, sensitive, delightful, exotic and graceful- wonderful heartfelt words from a deeply appreciative fan that vividly describes the profoundly inspirational actress that I am paying tribute to: Marilyn Monroe. I wish to gratefully acknowledge and dedicate my memorial tribute to an individual who gave so much to so many, whose definitive inner beauty, incomparable talents, graceful poise and captivating screen performances gave the classic film world a woman of worth and appreciation- a genuine, warm, sincere, caring and compassionate human being who added much needed character and authenticity to her roles. She battled many personal demons that consumed her life and constantly strive for others to respect and appreciate her for who she really was, a living breathing and wondrously gifted creation of mankind! She defied all odds that stacked against her because to me she valued herself even when others were not able to- she showed us someone who was real and not afraid to show her inner strength which was her beauty from within! It’s clear to see that she developed a strikingly intoxicating outer beauty, but to me there was so much more behind her vulnerable but compassionate facade2

Marilyn Monroe had a raw passionate talent as a consummate, riveting and genuine actress plus she displayed an enormously impressive characteristic of intelligence and brilliance all her own. Behind that glamorous mesmerizing persona existed an unequivocal, immensely talented, profoundly enigmatic lady whose sheer genius and warm, affectionate bubbling personality brought out a truly genuine appreciation for countless classic movie fans. Years after her untimely passing, she was immortalized as a highly revered cultured icon of the 20th Century. To me, Marilyn Monroe symbolized more than just her iconic status as a legendary beauty of the silver screen- she became my inspiration because she defined the characteristics that epitomized and respected individuals like myself and others- strong emotional qualities like intelligence, charisma, benevolence, humility, empathy and compassion combined together to create a poignant prolific image of the legendary starlet that is Marilyn Monroe. She had so much heart and soul with each performance that she gave onscreen- her roles displayed an insightful candid portrait of her own real life experiences. She was able to use those experiences as an advantage because it extracted a real and vividly candid character that created a real, warm and vulnerable side to her. She once stated ” Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world”. Well to me, her wish was granted w/o a doubt: Marilyn Monroe became an inspiration to so many and helped us to fully appreciate the finer things in life- love, inner beauty, compassion, humility, empathy and respect for yourself as well as others3

She may not have had the kind of family life that she wanted, but deep down she was not to blame nor anyone else for that matter. She wanted much happiness for herself and wanted an aspiring loving desire to raise a family and achieve a humbled heartfelt need to be a mother for the first time. I can honestly say that she would have made a wonderful mom- despite the complexities and demons that she battled in her life, her unconditional love and zealous passion for life proved more beneficial and instilled that passionate drive to become the person that she wanted to be deep down inside. Marilyn Monroe was like a breath of fresh air when she starred in a film- she portrayed a passionate, seductive, vivacious and compassionate sex appeal but still gave so much life, heart and soul in her work. She even gave memorable, vivid and powerfully poignant performances with her dark enigmatic roles in other films. I’ve stated w/o question that there were brains behind her alluring immortal beauty and I ardently stand behind that statement. I also believe that so many people, like men who tend to give that lust crazed twinkle in their eyes, view Marilyn Monroe as a genuine sex goddess- a platinum blonde who oozed a raw deeply sensuous sex appeal every time she strutted her stuff or swooned them over with her breathless, rapturous and sinfully captivating voice. One individual even stated clearly that she was ” all beauty but no brains”- a deeply disturbing and shockingly alarming comment from someone who lived in a blissful world of ignorance and stereotyping! I’m giving you my candid, bold and straightforward perspective not because I have anything against those individuals who have felt that way towards her (with the latter exempted in a bad way)- they are in fact only human but showed a remarkable level of complexity. I only wanted to give my own unadulterated, concise and poignant perspective of Ms. Marilyn Monroe because I have an equally profound level of respect and appreciation for her- that behind the wondrous outer beauty and flawless enrapturing sex appeal lies a vividly bright, intelligent, venerated, authentic, passionate, loving, giving and benevolent force of the silver screen that is the absolute definition of an inner beauty that is genuine, humbled and truly memorable for all time!


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