Hollywood’s Golden Boy

There was something about William Holden that took my breath away, aside from him having smoldering good looks. No, to be honest, it was his raw passionate talent that came from this compassionate actor that truly stopped me in my tracks. There was Bogie, Grant, and Gable of course but to me there was no one like William Holden. I will never forget the first time I have ever seen him in a classic movie & I regret to say it was not on TCM but it was on Cinemax. The movie was the unforgettable Billy Wilder classic Sunset Blvd and it was only one of the great classics that I love from Billy Wilder. It really stood out because it showed a dark side of the Hollywood scene- a sort of obsession from a faded screen actress who wanted nothing more than for someone to adore her & a screenwriter caught into this sort of torrid love affair between him and Gloria Swanson’s character( I say sort of because he really didn’t love her, but that is what makes the movie so much more interesting to watch). I also loved him in Stalag 17 which to me was one of the greatest masterpieces that Billy Wilder has ever directed. I loved him in that film because he played hi character with such depth and clarity and yet @ the same time his character can portray some complexity because it seems like he is stuck between being a hero and being an enemy in a sense that whatever he does could get him in a lot of hot water. But in the end he proved he was worthy and gained the respect from his peers. There were a lot of other movies that I loved him in like Paris when it sizzles, Born Yesterday, Golden Boy,Network,Sabrina, and one of my personal favorites The Wild Bunch. I loved him in all of the movies that he starred in and I have seen most of them. He really was the epitome of a leading man but he was much more than just a leading man8

He was also a family man who despite the many trials and tribulations that he endured like his rocky marriage with Brenda Marshall, the fact that he had affairs with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and more importantly his problems with his alcoholism, to me he was still human with imperfect flaws but yet his immense talent and his love and devotion for the animals near the end of his life makes me forget all of his past mistakes and instead focuses more on the person that he was-someone who loved what he did, whether it was on the screen or off. I know that he really was one of my favorites and I only wished that I could have had the honor and pleasure of meeting him  for the first time. But now that I think about it, I have met him in a way like how I met all of my other favorite actors and actresses- by the films that they starred in. To me that is priceless and to actually own the DVDS that they starred in and to have their films seen on a wonderfully classic movie channel like TCM and to have it introduced by those who have a passion for all thing classic like Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz and the fans as well to me that means more to me than life itself because those lifelong nostalgic memories of seeing your favorite actors and actresses on screen can never be replaced. But still all in all William Holden really was a great actor who have made me a firm believer in all things that truly mattered in this world, even life. I will continue to be a lifelong fan of his because even though his passing was an untimely one his impact that he had through the films that he starred in was a great one, something that I will never forget!! R.I.P. Golden Boy!!


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